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kaliburn plasma
- BURNY 10 LCD plus CNC control system
with 150 W Servo pack drive.
-Synchronised drives for longitudinal motion.
-Motorised torch holders.
-Automatic Torch Height Control foroxy-gas torches.
-Automatic 4-stage piercing of material.
-HI - LOW preheat.
-Electrical ignition

-Plasma system for optional plasma torch(es).
-Automatic Torch Height Control for Plasma torch(es).
-Automatic Initial Height Sensing for plasma torch(es).
- BV-98-2 Beveling head for bevel cutting.
-Three torch device for V, X and K-type bevels.
-Optional marking head.
- CAD/CAM software.
- Servo pack 250 W drives (12000 mm/min)
- Servo pack AC8 drives (20000 mm/min)
The RUR is a 3-axis profile cutting machine constructed for the medium to large fabrication workshop with a high production demand.
* The RUR machine frame is created from a mild steel fabricated design, stress relieved by ultrasound then planed and edged to specified tolerances.
* The rail system contains a rail track supported by thick-walled legs. The track is made up of standard three-metre sections.
The overall length can be made according to customer requirements.
* The Servo drive system is equipped in both axis with a rack and pinion drive, and dual synchronised motors.
* The Operators panel offers easy operation and the pre-selection of the following:
HI-LOW preheat, automatic piercing, cutting torch selection, speed adjustment, Oxy-Gas & Plasma torch controland other functions for manual and automatic cutting.


- Cutting speed 50-6000 mm/min 12000, 20000)
-Cutting width 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500 mm
- Cutting thickness 3-200 mm
- Track length:standard 3000 mm option to extend
- Cutting gases According to requirements
- Max. no. of torches 6
- of plasma torches - 2
- Power consumptiont 2000 VA
- Max. no. of beveling torches - 2
- Machine length 1300 mm
- Cutting table height 450-550 mm
- Machine width up to 4240 mm
- Plasma system According to requirements
- Machine height 2050 mm


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